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I love Story. And I capitalize it here to treat it like a concept, a thing bigger than “a story.” Story is the essence of who we are. In Story Cauldron I explore intriguing and quirky places where storytelling exists.

As an added feature for paid subscribers, you can also read my new serial fiction novel series, The Favor Faeries.

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The special thing about storytelling is that it can’t exist in a vacuum. Writers need eager readers, and readers need their next favorite book.

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Learn more about St. Louis

My novels are set in my hometown of St. Louis, MO—a city that is underappreciated and often even vilified. But it is also a beautiful place full of history and intrigue. Every so often I’ll be featuring a cool location in Unseen St. Louis.

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Who am I?

I’m Jackie Dana, a writer who loves a good story, and I want to share my insights, ideas, things I’m reading, and the cool things I’ve learned along the way.

By day, I’m a freelance writer and editor and specialize in writing articles for companies as well as editing short and long nonfiction. By night, I’m a fiction author, and I write magical novels and short stories.

I have one published novel, By Moonrise and right now I’m writing The Favor Faeries, a YA urban fantasy series about faeries who do small favors for people in exchange for trinkets and snacks. And you can follow along with the story here on Story Cauldron.

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As a fiction author, freelance writer, and historian, I enjoy rooting for the underdog and stirring up trouble. Unsurprisingly, my alignment is Chaotic Good. My Substacks: Unseen St. Louis, Story Cauldron, and Fictionistas.