Coming this week: The Favor Faeries

My new "novel" available as serial fiction

Allow me to introduce you to my new serial fiction tale The Favor Faeries, available on Kindle Vella—and here on Substack—this week!

In a huge step in my writing journey, I will be releasing a new ongoing tale entitled The Favor Faeries in weekly installments—starting this week!

What is The Favor Faeries about?

Here’s the official blurb:

Everyone knows about the Favor Faeries, mysterious beings that grant small wishes in exchange for trinkets and snacks. But most people claim the faeries are a hoax or a fraud, and the authorities even passed laws making it illegal to seek them out. Teenagers, however, are never particularly good at following the rules, especially when they want something only magic can make happen.

The story takes place initially in St. Louis and follows the adventures of teenagers who go to the local “favor faeries” to make a wish. Of course, kids being kids, they go to the faeries thinking it’s an easy way to get what they want out of life.

Here’s the “cover” image:

The Favor Faeries will be broken out into seasons with multiple episodes per season. In the first season, The Girl Behind the Camera, we meet Jenny, a plus-size girl in a private school where everyone is thinner, richer, and more popular than she is. She gets cheated out of an editorial position she believes she deserves and seeks out the favor faeries to assist her. Thanks, she thinks, to the faeries’ magic, she meets a cute boy named Holden, who has secrets of his own.

In the second season, The Boy Who Can Taste Colors, we will learn more about Holden and discover some truths about the faeries. In future seasons, additional characters will be introduced, and a whole secret world will be revealed.

Where this story came from

Last year I wrote The Girl Behind the Camera for a three-day novel contest. I then wrote the sequel during NaNoWriMo, the National Novel Writing Month. And although these are the first stories in the series, I’ve been exploring the faeries and the world for a few years.

And I have a passion for this world and these characters that I haven’t felt since I was a young writer. I’m really excited to bring these stories to life and I expect there to be enough content to carry readers through weekly releases for a good while.

How you can read the stories

To read The Favor Faeries, you will have two options.

  1. The new Kindle Vella platform. The first three episodes are free, and then you will have to purchase tokens to read further. I will be releasing 2+ new episodes (chapters) each week. You’ll be able to find it under my name on the iOS Kindle app or on Amazon at this link. (Note: you must be in the US to read stories on Vella).

  2. Here on Substack. The same episodes will be available through a new paid section of this newsletter. For $5 a month, you will be able to receive the chapters in your email, and can come back here to read them at any time. But hurry—the first episodes will drop this Friday, July 16th! (This is a great option if you are outside of the US.)

If you sign up on Substack, you will also receive periodic bonus material such as cut scenes, background information about the characters and settings, future plans for the characters, and more.

Most of all, your subscription supports me and my writing journey.

If you’re interested in subscribing and following the story here, I’ve got a special offer that will be good through the end of the first season in September. Subscribe now and get a 20% discount, making it just $4 a month or $40 for the whole year.

Get 20% off for 1 year

So I hope you consider joining me on this new journey—and I hope you enjoy the Favor Faeries wherever you read it!